Projects in Kampala


  1. Mobilization was successfully done and the turn up was overwhelmingly high.
  2. There was team work among the technical staff.
  3. A signal was sent to the public that eye services are available in the district.


  1. Drugs and sundries were inadequate; around 150 eye patients did not get supplies.
  2. Mobilization and transport costsare costly.
  3. Production hall had to be hired at 500,00ugx.


  1. There is need to support eye care services by all the stake holders.
  2. An urgent need for cataract surgery camp. I am ready to organize this in the near future.
  3. There is need for an optical/refraction centre to address the problem of refractive errors.
  4. There is need for an outreach programme to bring the services closer to the remotest parts of the district.

Special thanks to the office of district health officer for permitting such important activity to take place in the di


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